Our Story

Improving neighborhoods and lives is a passion of ours.  At 123Offer.com we know the hassle that traditional real estate can bring and we want to simplify the process.  We have a passion for rehabbing properties in our surrounding communities and we understand how all of us benefit when new families have an opportunity for home ownership.   Improving communities by updating homes and cleaning up properties directly benefits property values in our surrounding areas.  So we have put those passions to work by creating a process to sell your home that’s as easy as 1,2,3, Offer and Sold. 

Our Approach

If you’re thinking about selling your home the only thing you need to remember is 123Offer.com.  We make selling your home a quick and easy process and will get your home sold fast, on your terms.  Within 48 hours you will be presented with a competitive offer to purchase your property.  Skip the headaches of interviewing agents, costly home repairs, costly real estate commissions, costly closing costs, unqualified buyers, and endless last-minute showings.  Choose a close date that works for you and fits within your schedule. 123Offer.com it’s that simple!

Next Steps…

Now all you need to do is give us a little bit of information about your home so we can get you a free quote.